Tony Fantasia-Schertz, TX


Skilled leather worker with seven years experience. You can view his work by clicking on his image. Experienced with over 60 different styles of work and creator of over 300 original designs.

CJ Allan- Hazel, KY

The Father of Modern Motorcycle Engraving

I met CJ through a mutual friend a few years  and I have been following his work ever since. Without putting too fine a point on it, he does with metal what most people wish they could do with a paint brush. He can engrave anything with the kind of detail and imagination that you will have to see to believe. If you want your engine engraved. He can do it. If you want your ring engraved, he can do that too. If you have enough time and money he could probably engrave your fillings and make you wish you had eaten more candy as a kid just to have more tooth metal. His availability is limited and referrals are on a first come first served basis.  Click his pic to check out his work.

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Chris Arguello- San Antonio, TX


Chris is a master metal worker. He grew up with a welding torch in his hand and a cigar in his mouth. He has forgotten more about working and shaping metal than most people will ever know. From a functional/industrial perspective to one that is truely artistic and beautiful, Chris can create things that are as beautiful as they are useful. He has agreed to teach what he knows, but you have to want to learn and you have to want to put in the time to do it right. Let me know if you're interested in learning from him and I will introduce you.

David White, Castroville TX


I met David while viwsiting my local Tandy Leatherfactor and took a chance to strike up a conversation. Apparently he took a chance by responding. I gave him my card and before you know it we are planing a joint venture. Despite the fact that he is relatively new to the craft of leatherwork (2 years) he has a wealth of experience and knowledge in auto mechanics, machining, and utter bad-assery. He is a great friend and a brother and his style is as unique as his personality. He has a gift and he is willing to share his craft with the very people he served with. 

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Chris Stanush- San Antonio, TX


Chris Stanush is the man when it comes to chainmail. From the big, chunky stuff you would expect to see on any knight charging into battle to some of the most delicate pieces, Chris has shown that not only does he love a challenge, but he can often knock out some of the most insane designs while watching one episode of The Walking Dead...on Netflix....with no commercials. He works as an aircraft quality control inspector with a major aviation company, so when I tell you he is obsessive compulsive about the quality of the finished product I don't really come close to describing how meticulous he really is. I dare you to try to find the seam where the rings come together once he closes them. He knows his stuff and he is willing to share his knowledge with anyone who wants to join the program. Let me know if you see chainmail in your future.

Paul Kahl-San Antonio, TX

Calligraphy, Drafting & Design

Paul Kahl deployed with me to Iraq in 2004 and it was there that we became friends and where I saw his art on full display. He has been creating art out of anything and everything for as long as I have known him and he is what I call a bottom less well of artistic talent. He is also a student in the organization learning to manage his stress like the rest of us. He can teach you everything from calligraphy, drafting and design, wood working and much much more. Click on his picture to visit his area on our associated web site at Fantasia Custom Designs.

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David Lozano- San Antonio, TX

Stained Glass

I love stained glass. I love the way it uses light to display colors on the floor and walls of whichever room window it is displayed in. There are an endless number of design possibilities and david Lozano knows most, if not all, of them. He is a very talented artist who works in various different medium, but you have to get to know him to see just how deep that pool of talent goes. David is also a Veteran who served in the 82nd Airborn division and has walked in the same dirt that many of us have also walked. If you click on his picture you will be directed to his facebook page where you can see many of the pieces he has put together over the years. If stained glass is your thing, let me know and we will get you learning as quickly as possible.

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Susan Bradley-Idaho Falls, ID

Hand Sewing

James Bradley-Idaho Falls, ID


Jen Kuntz, Dripping Springs, TX

Bead Working

Anitra Marinchek, Latrobe PA