Minerva Work Solutions

Kathryn Keeton is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist who works at the Wyle/NASA Johnson Space Center. When she is not acting as an Innovation and Strategy Specialist she is the managing Partner and CEO of Minerva Work Solutions. They provide Organizational Development, Talent Management, and People Analytics consulting services to all organizations and business types. They use evidence-based psychological principles to personalize their services to business context and help improve the organization’s performance, efficiency, and productivity. Their goal is to help the organization work more wisely toward a sound, socially responsible, and profitable future.


She came to me as a client for my custom leathercraft business and once she heard about the VetCraft project she discussed the idea with her colleagues at Minerva and they agreed to volunteer several hours of PhD level research time to helping me develop a PTSD survey and study to gauge the efficacy of the different vehicles stress management we provide here. With her help we will be able to conduct a long term survey of various population samples to help determine the impact of these vehicles by themselves or in various combinations. With their help, we aree hopeful that we will be able to not only make a meaningful contribution to the study of PTSD therapy and support, but also help the individuals seeking it find the help and support theu need outside of the traditional state and federal institutions. For more information please click the owl logo to visit their homepage. We currently have about 30 volunteers but if you or anyone you know would be interested in taking part in the survey please contact us and you will be notified once the survey is complete and made available.