I get by with a little help from my friends


                   We all like to think we can take care of any problem by ourselves. The truth is there is no such thing as an army of one. Even the most battle tested warrior relies on others, from time to time, for nourishment and healing of wounds that they cannot tend to on their own. I was heavily influenced to start my own organization after meeting guys likt Cody Hirt and Brad Strittmatter with Veteran Outdoors and Jim Staneck with Paws and Stripes. As more military service members return from deployments and leave the military the demand for treatement of injury and illness increases along with it. Due to the fact that the VA is only able to treat 3% of the veteran population there is a growing need for independent Veteran Support entities around the country to fill that need. I am honored to be a part of the effort already being put forth by these good people. Please take the time to visit their sites and see what they are doing.

Known affectionately as the ICMHHR, Gaea Logan and her associates teach mindfulness techniques in their compassion focused intervention. They have adopted us as a program within their Non-Profit Organization and are teaching us the same techniques we will be able to share with our students as a tool to manage stress in their day to day lives. Click on their logo to learn more or visit ICMHHR.

Blooming Wellness is a company and blog run by my giid friend and former classmate Dr. Erin Stair. Among the many things she does to help people live healthier lives, she has also developed a series of binaural sound therapy programs called ZenTones. These are binaural tones designed to change brain chemistry by playing different but complmentary tones into each ear through headphones (ZenPhones) to help with issues such as sleep, anxiety, depression, focus, and headaches. Click her logo to read more or visit Blooming Wellness.

Kathryn Keeton and her colleagues at Minerva Work Solutions are helping me build the survey and methodology that our PTSD study are based around. With her help we will be able to measure the benefit of various stress management tools and techniques in order to provide the best combination of services for every individual that comes joins the program and make a meaningful contribution to the current research being conducted at higher levels.

Visit Minerva Work Solutions to learn more.

Veteran Outdoors is where it all started for me. Cody and Brad raise funds every year to take Veterans on fully sponsored hunts and outdoor excursions. They hold an annual auction that allows bidders to join the vets on these excursions, and I have yet to see. Visit Veteran Outdoors to learn more.

Service Dogs are used extensivelyto assist the blind to navigate difficult terrain. Thanks to the efforts of a few people they are becoming a tried and true means for Veterans to manage their PTSD triggers. Jim and Lindsey Stanek are working together to destroy the myth that only the blind can benefit from a dogs companionship and assistance.

I met Shawna during the developmental stages of VetCraft and found that we had a lot in common. We both served as medics in the Army and we both use our craft to control our PTSD and regain control of our lives. We both started organizations to help our brothers and sisters, but we are doing it from opposite ends of the country. Click on her banner to see more of her work.


Visit Healing Arts Of Maine to learn more about Shawna and what she is doing

Everytrhing I have been able to accomplish with VetCraft is a direct result of the work I have done with custom leathercraft. It is what brought me back from the dark and it is now a full fledged business that I hope to develop into a full time job and a legacy to pass down to my children. When you visit the site you will see a lot of the same faces. Many of the people in the program are also artists and friends I have made along the way.