Jim and Lindsey Stanek

When my wife, Kathryn, suggested we start an organization that helps veterans I thought about Jim and Lindsey. I met JIm at a Veteran Outdoors function and we hit it off pretty quickly. It's not difficult to like Jim if you ever have a chance to meet him. he has a personality as big as the state he comes from (New York, FYI) and he can never be accused of having nothing to say or keeping his thoughts to himself. His energy and enthusiam for life is only matched for his love for his wife, Lindsey, and their joint venture Paws & Stripes. Jim and Lindsey have been training shelter dogs to become service animals for veterans by teaching them how to detect the changes in body language and chemistry that result when the Vet becomes triggered. The dogs are trained to redirect the attention back to the "here and now" and show the handler that regardless of where the mind goes during those moments, they are safe and sound.


Jim and Lindsey have approached this effort as a team, and they work closely to make sure that every Vet is paired successfully with a dog and that they have the means to provide this service well into the future. If you or anyone you know is in need of a service dog, please visit their site to learn more about joining the program. Just click the logo above.


If reading is not your thing and you're the type that needs to see it with your own eyes then you can always travel to Rio Rancho, NM and pay them a visit. If gas money is tight then you can always click on the banner below and watch the show Dogs Of War, which is all about Jim and Lindsey and the work they are doing.